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Nail Art Design Tip Set - Lace
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Nail Art Design Tip Set - Lace

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Nail Art Design Tip Set - Lace
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Designer fingernails and toenail tips are available in colors and designs. Each set has 10 different sizes,
mathcing with the size of finger nails or toe nails of more then 95% of human beings without and can be used directly.

Change your nails on the go or change them as your mood changes!

Have the same design for your toenails!

 Durable, Thin, Waterproof, Safe, Comfortable, and Simply Beautiful!

Lace Nail Art

Nail Art Design Tips

Each set contains:

  • 20 pcs of nail tips
  • 40 pcs of double sided tape
  • Nail file

Affix the artificial nails on fingernail or toenail

Nail Art Design Tips


As a typical ornamentation on palace suit-dress and salon suit-dress of rococo style in 18 century, Lace was an absolutely necessary element on fashionable dresses of that time. Lace once appeared on the V-neckline and cuffs of Mrs Pompidou’s long dress. The Rococo era was a feminine era filled with elements of feminine culture. At that time, there were two centers: one was the palace with the emperor as the center and other was salon with ladies as center.

    There are two famous figures related to “Lace”. One is the modern popular idol Madonna, ad the other is Mrs. Pompidou, the European salon queen in 18th century and mistress of French king Louis XV.

    We could see Dior’s black and golden Lace dresses of “degenerated ladies” style, Chanel’s pure white Lace trousers, Armani’s red paper-cut pattern Lace skirts, Celine’s yellowish pink Lace trousers and noble and luxurious + sexy Lacewedding veils of various brands.

    Lace has long-lasting aesthetic value, which is the outstanding feminine ornamentation incorporating classicality and romance;

    Tender white, attractive blue, dazzling golden as well as black and coffee are all colors suitable for Lace;

    The tenderness and pureness, nobility and elegance, sexiness and romance of Lace make it a modern vogue image;

    Lace is the most exquisite, whose visional temptation women could hardly withstand.

   To merge Lace elements into nail art to make it elaborate ornamentation has become a recent fashion. Generally, designers indicate by means of painting Lace patter on nails that gradual color change studded with small pearls, gold and silver silk thread or crystal pellets will produce sometimes elegant, sometimes noble, sometimes fashionable and sometimes feminine flavor, promoting the nail beauty art into a new height…

    The most outstanding feature of Lace painting is to manifest exquisite Lace with terse and regular lines, so manual color-painting is rather difficult, such as clear and even lines, regular circular arc and arris and profound aesthetic composition basis is also required.     Therefore, manicurists who can conduct Lace nail-beauty design are as rare as phoenix feathers and Lace nail-beauty has become a synonymous with luxurious nail-beauty o senior nail-beauty.

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